Jvla - Bottom | Lyrics

Youtube: https://youtu.be/jvJYC5DTjaw

I'm starring at your eyes and it's failing me 

evil in disguise and it's claiming me 

yeah, I had a lot, but for you weren't ready 

even by your smile I can say you ruined many 

in that ice you will melt with me 

I know you just wouldn't let them play with it 

silence always says it way louder 

meet me at the bottom of my bottle 

all night long, baby, I won't let you stop 

let me be the one to take your blouse off 

touches on your skin, I want you sinful with the lights on 

lay on me your eyes, let them speak for the night long 

he can never give it to you the way that I'm gonna 

I don't want to play your heart, oh no 

that armor that you're wearing, I'll peel it off, slowly 

lips on your thighs, mhm you love me 

be mine till the stars become a morning 

gledam njeno tijelo, lomi me na dijelove 

možda nije vrijedno tog, ali za nju bi dao srce cijelo 

unleash it, I need it 

ton of bottles, for amnesia 

hold your ground high like a legion 

your hips, my seizure


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